Tools of the trade

Kitchen gadgetsBefore I enrolled in this course, I knew that I had to buy some equipment for use in the class. During the first morning, our instructor walked us through the list (which was different from the one on the website). I'm glad I waited because there were many things that he said we didn't need. For our convenience, we could order all the items through the School but who would pay $180 for a caddy to carry around kitchen gadgets when a $20 plastic toolbox works just as well?!

The equipment list: apron, plastic coated pastry bag, #3 and #5 plain pastry tubes, #2, #4 and #6 closed star pastry tubes, cake comb, wooden spoon, bowl scraper, swivel peeler, wire whisk, pastry brush, paring knife, straight spatula, scalloped slicer, heat-resistent spatula and tea towels.

My scavenger hunt led me to six stores:
  • Golda's Kitchen— A specialty store with a great selection of baking supplies. I got all the cake decorating stuff here.
  • Cayne's Housewares— Discount superstore carrying kitchen appliances, gadgets and other housewares. Highly recommended, as they have very competitive prices, especially for things like blenders, food processors, etc.
  • Kitchen Stuff Plus— I didn't buy anything here, but in the past, I've bought cutlery and knives from them.
  • Home Outfitters— I didn't get anything here either, but the selection is good, even if the prices aren't.
  • Sears— I got an apron here.
  • George Brown College Bookstore— They carry chef whites (aprons, hats, pants) and most of the equipment for the cooking classes. Most of the equipment actually comes from Canada Cutlery Inc., and is the company you have to deal with regarding returns. I got the scalloped slicer here.


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