June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. One of the events that our indigenous employee resource group put on was a bannock cook-along in partnership with Bangin’ Bannock. On the day of the event, Canada Post delivered a packet of bannock mix just in time for me ...

Banana Muffins (Cook’s Illustrated)


Cook’s Illustrated covered banana muffins way back in 1997 and I liked those muffins the last time I made them. But in this month’s issue, I was excited to try their latest formulation, especially since they offered several different variations, including peanut butter and se...

Flourless Chocolate Cake With Halvah Honey Sauce


It wasn’t until the last two nights of Passover that we needed to make another dessert. That first cake was so good, we kept slicing off slivers of it every day of Pesach. But, when all that was left was crumbs, the lure of sesame, cream, and honey kept calling, so I went back...

Almond Cake with Cardamom and Pistachio


Another year, another virtual holiday celebration… I found a flourless cake that greatly appealed to me, but was unsure whether the rest of my family would enjoy it. Turns out, everyone LOVED this super moist, super tender cake.

Oatmeal Cookie Bars


I was invited to lead a virtual baking class for a team social event recently. That got me thinking about what sweet treat would require a minimum of equipment and ingredients, could be assembled in an hour, and could be customized to everyone’s taste.

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