Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake


Fall is on the horizon, and I’ve reluctantly stopped making ice creams, and thinking more about warm, comforting desserts. While looking for an apple cake to end off a post Yom Kippur meal, I landed on a real winner from Melissa Clark.

Roasted Peaches with Glazed Sesame Oats


It’s no secret that one of our favourite market vendors is Bizjak Farms. I’ve written about their wonderful stone fruit before. Still, the quality varies from year to year, even week to week. A recent haul of peaches from the Wychwood Barns Farmers’ Market left us underwhelme...

Olive Oil Challah


With Fridays off during the summer, I can easily make fresh bread for Shabbat dinner. Since we had no more frozen, store-bought challahs, I decided to make one from a recipe I’ve been meaning to try, featuring olive oil and orange juice.

Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream


We’ve been buying black cherries for a few weeks now and they’ve come down in price from $9/lb to $5 and to $3. While snacking on a cold, firm, sweet cherry is hard to beat, the fruit is often a bit mushy, or starts to bruise. Preserving them in alcohol is a handy way to exten...

Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough Bread


DEC 14. That’s what I wrote on my bowl of sourdough starter the last time I fed it. Even though this is the longest period I’ve left my starter dormant, it came right back to life after a feeding. I let it rock out for about 24 hours or so on the counter, then made three loave...

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