Saffron Cardamom Ice Cream

Saffron Cardamom Ice Cream
Recipe from Gourmet, August 1993
Notes: Here is the text from the Gourmet article verbatim:
We asked F. W. Pearce of Ciao Bella Gelato Company in New York for one of his most unusual ice-cream flavors, and he offered the following, which pairs the exotic tastes of saffron and cardamom with pistachio nuts for a cool finale to either a fiery Indian meal or a spicy Middle Eastern one. (Real saffron threads make all the difference here; saffron powder is often adulterated and will not achieve the right aromatic flavor for this suave dessert.)
I only used six egg yolks. Straining the cream gets out any cooked egg lumps, but also filters out the saffron threads. The ice cream is not too sweet but is strongly perfumed with saffron, the cardamom is barely detectable. The pistachios I used were salted, but I rubbed their skins off with a wet paper towel.

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