Cocoa Nests with Caramel Mousse

Cocoa Meringue Nests with Caramel Mousse
Recipe from Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan
Notes: The nests were fairly simple, although by the time I made the last few, the meringue had started to warm up and I had difficulty making the rosettes form a nest. I had no trouble with the praline. The mousse proved to be straightforward, although I had apprehensions about what might happen when the hot caramel hit the egg yolks. I knew that I should pour it down the side of the bowl to avoid hitting the wires of the whip as that might cause the caramel to harden. But the caramel mixture was relatively cool and liquid, so it didn't seize or form lumps. There was a lot of leftover praline and mousse (which I froze to make ice cream!). I plated this with a bit of raspberry coulis to provide relief from the sweetness. This dessert is really just about sugar (in the meringues, in the praline, in the mousse) making it very one-dimensional.

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