Cakes-CtoM 5: Mango Mousse Cake

Update: This is the 2nd most requested item on this blog, so here's the recipe.

The sponge layers for this cake were the definition of simplicity, just eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla. Using the mixer on high, we whipped the eggs with sugar for around 10 minutes until they became foamy, thick and pale yellow. To that, we blended in bread flour by hand. Chef said that cake and pastry flour tends to clump and doesn't incorporate well. Also, since we were gently folding it in, we wouldn't have to worry about developing gluten. The batter was baked on sheet pans in a hot oven for a brief period of time, so as to avoid drying the cake layer.

Mango Mousse Cake (2)For the mousse, we whipped egg yolks and sugar until they became fluffy and ribbony, then whipped 35% cream until it had the consistency of sour cream. From a carton of mango puree, we poured out about a half litre and brought that to a boil with some gelatin sheets. Finally, we whisked the puree into the yolks, then incorporated the cream.

To assemble the cake, we lined a cake ring with an acetate collar, then cut the sponge a little smaller than the ring. We poured the mousse over the cake and filled the sides of the pan, then put another cake layer then more mousse. Using a palette knife, we smoothed the top. Chef said that mousses will tend to contract as they set up in the fridge, and the top often sinks. For a perfectly flat top, she would spread a bit more mousse on the chilled cake and put it back in the fridge.

Mango Mousse Cake (1)After about a half hour to let the mousse set, we made a miroir glaze and poured it over the top of the cake. We used strawberries, blueberries and mangoes to garnish the top. This is a very simple cake, in appearance and preparation, and the result is quite satisfying. I like the contrast between the mousse and cake, as well as the wonderful fruit flavour. Here's the one Candy made.

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