Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat: Step by Step

Another cake from Desserts by Pierre Hermé by Dorie Greenspan; in French, he calls it Régal au Riz Basmati. There are six components: ladyfingers, lemon syrup, crunchies, rice pudding, chocolate cream and caramelized puffed rice. The madnessprocedure is described below:

Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - LadyfingersThe instructions contain a useful tip to pipe the bands first while the batter is at its fullest. I ran into trouble during baking: my top oven rack was too high and consequently browned the biscuits before they were fully baked.
Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - Lemon SyrupJust a simple lemon zest infusion.
Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - CrunchiesA clever way to tie in the ingredients in the form of a chocolate bar combining milk chocolate with puffed rice. There's some toasted chopped hazelnuts too in this mixture.
Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - Rice PuddingThe pudding was quite time consuming. The rice is cooked with whole milk, cinnamon and lemon and must be cooled to 70°F. At that point, it is very stiff and congealed. The second step is to make a crème anglaise; don't skip straining it as such a small quantity of custard is easy to overcook. Gelatin is added at this point. When it too has cooled to 70°F, the mixtures are combined together with some whipped cream.
Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - Assembly (1)For assembly, the ladyfingers are brushed with the syrup and placed in a cake ring. The rice pudding goes in the bottom, then the crunchies, and then the other ladyfinger disc.
Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - Assembly (2)After the rice pudding has firmed up, the last component is a chocolate cream. Don't let it cool too much or it won't be pourable.
Crispy and Creamy Rice Treat - Caramelized Rice KrispiesMaking this finishing touch is optional in the recipe but highly recommended. The first step is to heat a wet sugar mixture to the firm ball stage (248°F) then stir in the Rice Krispies. After washing the extremely hot saucepan, you reheat the Rice Krispies again to caramelize them.
Crispy and Creamy Rice TreatCross-section of the finished cake. It's got loads of texture and all the components work really well together. catalepticat made this too.

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