Danish Slices

Danish Slices (1)
Danish Slices (2)
Recipes adapted from Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan
Notes: Taking a cue from Sherry Yard's recipe in The Secrets of Baking, I added a half teaspoon of ground cardamom, a few drops of pure orange extract and a half teaspoon of pure vanilla to the Danish dough. Instead of the fillings recommended in the recipe, I used a 200g tube of marzipan and made the apricot lekvar that's in the back of the book. The dough is made like blitz puff pastry, where the butter pieces are cut right into the mixture. It's extremely easy to work with, with little resting time between folds. I'm a slow roller so I did have to chill the dough briefly before the last turn. The baked pastry puffed up very nicely. For the icing, instead of using plain milk, I used Talea Amaretto Cream liquor. The Danish slices are soft, tender, buttery and overflowing with fruit and nut. Marzipan is too sweet to use here: homemade almond filling would have been better. However, the lekvar is great.

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