Breakfast Breads 3: D’oh

In a disappointing (but not entirely surprising) turn of events, our class was set back a little bit because one of the freezers, the very one containing our croissant dough, broke down. We spent the morning re-making the croissant dough, as well as making the danish dough. The latter incorporates eggs making it much wetter, although it was softer to roll. Our regular instructor is back this week, and I'm pleased because this is the instructor I took Art of Breads with, so I won't have to adjust any of the techniques I've learned. Chef made sure that our rolled doughs kept the right proportions at all times with perfect square corners so that our turns would come out nicely. Since there wasn't any proofing or baking to wait around for, we left early but promised to arrive early for next Saturday (08:00). Bakers have rough hours.

Cream Puff laments here.


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