Deep-dish Autumn Fruit Pie

Deep-dish Autumn Fruit Pie
Recipe from Just Desserts by Gordon Ramsay
Notes: The recipe in the link is terribly transcribed: it doesn't provide a recipe for the pastry (a pâte sucrée flavoured with orange-blossom water and orange zest); it also omits 3 Bosc pears from the ingredient list. The dough is very soft and I made the mistake of letting it warm too much after some time in the fridge. When I folded it over itself to transfer to the pie plate, the dough stuck together! I ended up with a cobbler-like “pie” with patches of dough on top. The flavours are quite nice: some five-spice powder in the filling, a blend of fall fruit and orange in the pastry. I would reduce the amount of orange-blossom water next time, that stuff is strong (and soapy).



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