Chocolate Chestnut Truffles: Step by Step

Hollow chocolate truffle shellsI got these hollow truffle shells from a cake decorating supply store. The tray is very flimsy so be careful when picking it up!
Filling with chocolate chestnut ganacheUsing a plain bittersweet chocolate ganache as a base, I added a small tin of sweetened chestnut purée. Let the filling cool until it is pipeable, then fill the shells completely. Leave a bit of space at the top for sealing.
Sealing with tempered chocolateAfter a night in the fridge, the centres were completely set. Temper some bittersweet chocolate, then pipe a small amount to seal the shells.
Enrobing in tempered chocolateAfter the seal has set, use a chocolate dipping fork to coat the truffle shells with tempered chocolate. Place them carefully on a sheet of parchment to harden.
Chocolate Chestnut TrufflesSigh, still not getting a perfect temper. The chestnut flavour is too subtle to be detected. I would use milk chocolate couverture next time.


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