Cardamom Flavored Fruit Bread

Cardamom Flavored Fruit Bread - Loaf
Cardamom Flavored Fruit Bread - Slices
Cardamom Flavored Fruit Bread - Detail
Recipe from Whole Foods Market
Notes: I've been wondering how a yeasted bread would be without gluten, so I tried this recipe this week. It doesn't take long to make because there's no proofing stage, just the initial one hour fermentation. For the fruit, I used raisins, apples and apricots. I needed the full one hour as I baked this in a slightly smaller loaf pan. It browned and rose beautifully into a moist loaf. The texture is crumbly; there's no yeasty flavour, just the powdered milk and a mild hint of cardamom.

Update: Whole Foods no longer has the recipe online. So I've linked to a different site with what sounds like a similar bread, but have no idea whether it's what I made before.

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