Cookies 4: Piped

Chocolate Spritz CookiesWe started off this class by mixing up the spritz dough. It was very tender, due to both shortening and butter in the mix, and was flavoured nicely with orange zest. The cocoa powder gave it a nice dark colour. Using a #6 star tip, we piped out rosettes, fingers and shells. The dough was a stiff and required a bit of effort to squeeze out. Cleanup was a real chore for this cookie, as the greasy bowls and piping bags took forever to wash.

Hazelnut Rosette CookiesFor our second piped cookie, we made a batter that contained ground filberts, with lemon emulsion, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice as flavourings. We piped this dough into rosettes. To finish, we made small parchment cones and piped white coating chocolate or raspberry jam onto the cooled cookies, or dipped them in the chocolate. We took home nearly 7 or 8 dozen cookies each. For those that didn't want to stack the cookies in their window boxes, this meant lugging home 6 or more boxes! The chocolate spritz ones looked fancy, but I don't really like their taste. The hazelnut ones were better, I liked the combination of the nuts with the spices. Since we've made spritz cookies before, this class didn't really offer too much new material.


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