Deep Dish Apple Ginger Pie

Deep Dish Ginger Apple Pie
Recipes adapted from Cook's Illustrated, September & October 2005 (filling) and November & December 2007 (crust)
Notes: I made the filling earlier in the week, gently cooking 2.5 pounds each of Spy and Braeburn apples. After draining the cooked fruit in a colander, I refrigerated the mixture and let it come back to room temp before using it. Some candied ginger puree added to the filling gave it a bit of bite. The crust was my new favourite, the vodka crust from the current CI issue. I added a tsp of ground ginger to the flour mixture; it wasn't really detectable. The crust puffs up quite a bit so the edge is thicker than I wanted, but the bottom and top is just the right thickness. Spy apples hold their shape extremely well, but I find them too tart. An excellent pie.

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