Apple Challah


Apple Challah
Apple Challah - Interior
Recipe from A Blessing of Bread by Maggie Glezer
Notes: I let the slurry sit for a long time so it was quite active and bubbly by the time I started to mix the dough together. The mixer kneaded the dough to a smooth ball quite easily as the dough is soft and elastic. The Empire apples I used were very small, so I ended up using 8 or 9 of them, chopped into large cubes. Rolling the bread dough out so thin meant that the apples threatened to tear through; it was also difficult to seal the dough around the wet chunks of fruit. I don't think a square is the best shape to roll the dough into, as the completed loaf was narrower than the pan. After shaping, I put the doughs in the fridge overnight. In the morning, they had already risen above the rims of the pan so I baked them directly from the fridge for about 50 minutes. I found this delicious challah to be quite soft and full of winey apple flavour, but a little too wet. Using a drier apple might help. This recipe is pareve (dairy-free). Superrad has a set of photos showing each step in the process.

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