Wheaten Croissants with Marzipan

Wheaten Croissants
Wheaten Croissants - Interior
Recipe from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum
Notes: This was a multi-day project that began on Sunday afternoon when I made the initial dough. It seemed quite stiff and I thought about stopping the mixer well before the 4 minute mark but let it go as this was my first time making the recipe. After a 3-hour rest, I did the lamination using PC Normandy-Style Cultured Butter. The dough resisted rolling out to the required size but didn't tear until the final turn. To fit my schedule better, I let the laminated dough hold in my refrigerator until the next day. I saw somewhere online that said the croissant dough can sit for up to 18 hours; it had risen somewhat. On Monday evening, I rolled out the layers but couldn't get it quite to the required 14×24". As a result, each of my triangles was a little short and they were difficult to stretch. I used a small piece of chocolate-coated marzipan in the centre of each croissant. During the rising time, they didn't double in size, but did feel quite light. Not too much oven spring, but no butter leakage. The finished product was a little dense and dry, but still extremely tasty. My theory is that the protein content of my all-purpose flour (Duncan Hines) is too high and that I let the completed dough rest in the fridge for too long. This basic recipe is a good one (I like it better than the one in Baking with Julia) so further experimentation is warranted.

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