Pane Siciliano


Pane Siciliano
Pane Siciliano, sliced
Recipe from The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart
Notes: I made the pate fermentee around 11:00 on Tuesday, letting it ferment in the fridge until the evening at which point I incorporated it into the final dough. Instead of watching the dough, I watched the clock, so I let the dough rise for a full two hours at which point it had more than doubled. I shaped and let the dough sit in the fridge. At around 04:30 (jet lag, sigh), I took the shaped loaves out to dechill then baked them in two batches at around 06:30. The smoke detector kept going off in my unit, I'm sure my neighbours appreciated that. What delicious flavour in this bread from the chewy, well-browned crust and soft interior. I had the coarseness of the semolina would make the bread gritty, but it didn't. We ate it at work with some marula jam, and I made French toast with it the next morning.

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