Sesame Hexagon Chocolates


Sesame Hexagon Chocolates
Sesame Hexagon Chocolates
Recipe from Chocolates and Confections by Peter Greweling
Notes: I bought some new ganache cutters from recently and thought they would be cool to use with this recipe, which originally called for making squares. There are several steps to making this. First, you make a small amount of caramel to which you stir in sesame seeds to brown and coat them. The mixture is spread thin to cool and once it has hardened, you crush it with a rolling pin to break it back up into seeds, then mix into tempered dark chocolate. This is then rolled thin and allowed to set. Easy-peasy.

The filling is tempered milk chocolate with tahini. It's poured over the caramelized sesame and chocolate layer and allowed to crystallize. I'm pleased to report that this happened quite quickly at around 20°C, around a half hour, but I let it sit for over two hours. I forgot to sprinkle sesame on top while it was still soft, so I used a hair dryer to warm the top and scattered still-hot toasted seeds so that they would adhere.

At room temperature, the ganache was fairly easy to cut with minimal breakage, and only along the sides. My cutter tended to move sideways as I pressed down, leading to some leaning hexagons. Also, a half batch is supposed to be placed in an 8"×9" frame, but I used an 8" square pan so my pieces are a bit thicker. To dip, I used thinned dark chocolate, then pushed each piece down with the back of a wooden spoon until the chocolate coated the sides. A bent dipping fork is essential here, as my straight one tended to tilt the chocolate when I lifted it out of the bowl.

I loved the nutty flavour and crunchy contrasts in this chocolate. The bottom tastes just like a Sesame Snap!

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