Apple Confit with Miso Ice Cream

Apple Confit with Miso Ice Cream
Recipes by Sam Mason (ice cream) and Michael Laiskonis (apples)
Notes: While reading about Sam Mason, I came across another one of his recipes that begged to be tried. Since I don't have maltodextrin nor high acyl gellan, I wasn't able to make the apple puree, but I did want an apple component to go along with the miso ice cream. The salted dried plums are disgusting so I didn't want that and the tart crumbs seemed optional to me.

The ice cream recipe itself has a few non-standard ingredients: I subbed xanthan gum for the stabilizer, and corn syrup for trimoline. Galleria Supermarket sold a mild shiro miso (a bit less sodium than regular shiro miso) which I used here. Adding the milk powder to the cream mixture resulted in lots of little lumps, but after incorporating the miso, a hand blender smoothed out everything.

While apple confit has few ingredients, the prep requires considerable time. I made the cinnamon caramel powder using plain cinnamon (who has a smoker?!?). My food processor made nice thin slices of the Fuji apples I used, and I layered everything in a small glass oblong dish. A lot of liquid comes out but this gets absorbed back as it cools.

On the whole, this was a very interesting dessert, with much commentary from my tasters. I liked the salty-sweet flavour of the ice cream, combined with the bitter-sweet taste of the apples.

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