Fastest Chocolate Buns

Fastest Chocolate Buns
Fastest Chocolate Buns - Closeup
Recipe from The Quick Recipe by the editors Cook's Illustrated via
Notes: I've been up at a cottage with Dr. S and have been baking (as usual) using equipment and ingredients that we brought up. I made some old favourites including blueberry scones, a mixed fruit pie using the CI vodka crust, chocolate-chili ice cream and strawberry pancakes. We're eating very well!

This morning, I made some quick buns but was persuaded at the last minute to substitute milk chocolate chips for the cinnamon sugar filling. The dough is quite wet and sticky so I used lots of flour to shape the buns. These took almost 10 minutes longer to bake than the given times, but that might have been due to the erratic oven at the cottage. Fresh out of the oven, these were warm, tender and delicious. They weren't all that sweet with just chocolate chips, which is probably why the cinnamon mixture in the original recipe has so much sugar.

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