Archive of posts from February 2009

    Moist Banana Nut Bread


    I tried another cake-loaf from this book that used whipped cream to improve flavour and texture. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out very well. Step One is to toast pecans and then toss them in a bit of butter. I haven’t read why she calls for this buttering step, as it’s one ...

    Beer Bread


    Having moved into our new house, I resumed by regular baking my trying a new bread to go along with a stew I was making for dinner. The use of beer for the liquid sounded interesting, and I used a bottle of light ale that I had on hand instead of a dark beer the recipe called ...

    This blog’s URL is changing


    This blog has been hosted on my ISP for some time, but I’m switching providers. I’ve moved the blog over to Blogspot, with the URL . Those of you who’ve bookmarked the redirection URL should hopefully get redirected automatically. In the meantime,