Archive of posts from March 2009

    Oatmeal Stout Cake


    Beer is not a common ingredient in sweet baking. The only times I’ve used it that I really enjoyed are in cherry muffins and in the CI no-knead bread. But stouts are dark beers and their taste often suggests chocolate or coffee. I first made this cake many years ago with with ...

    Buttermilk American Loaf Bread


    Lisa’s post looked so good that I wanted to make this right away. I used buttermilk, as Kimball said this variation was far superior than using plain milk, but forgot to heat the water to boiling. This resulted in a longer first rise in the oven for me. The recipe heading says...

    Ukrainian Honey Cake


    A simple cake featuring coffee (undetectable) and honey (very fragrant) which I augmented with some bourbon-soaked currants.

    Cupcakes for our housewarming


    Instead of making several large cakes, Dr. S wanted me to make some cupcakes for our housewarming. As I like variety, I embarked on a mission to make two dozen each of three different kinds. The espresso cupcakes with white chocolate frosting recipe comes from A Passion for De...

    Chocolates for our housewarming


    For our housewarming party, I decided to make a couple of batches of chocolates. Using a tray of hollow milk chocolate shells, I filled them halfway with store-bought dulce de leche, then topped them off with a coffee-chocolate ganache. I let these dry out for a day, then seal...

    Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread


    We have a lot of whole wheat flour in our kitchen: some in a clear plastic container in the fridge, some in a paper bag in the fridge, another unopened bag on the pantry shelf. I wanted to try a 100% whole wheat loaf and thought this recipe would be a good place to start. The ...