Archive of posts from June 2009

    Old-Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake


    I made a big chocolate cake to celebrate the successes of Dr. S’ grad students this week. Instead of a double boiler, I just gently microwaved the hot water, chopped chocolate and cocoa powder. It came out looking like it seized, very stiff and pasty but as I added the sugar, ...

    Multigrain Sandwich Bread


    I enjoy the multigrain bread I make from time to time, but I’m always looking for new recipes. Cook’s Illustrated’s take on multigrain bread is to start with 7-grain cereal. As a substitute, I just ground up a 7-grain mix in the food processor so that it would absorb the hot w...

    Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies


    Well, perfect, according to Cook’s Illustrated. This article evaluated the techniques described in the New York Times’ recipe from last summer, as well as the original Toll House recipe. I tried the NYT one last fall and wasn’t blown away. But I must say that this recipe was w...