Strawberry Butter Ganache Chocolates

Strawberry Butter Ganache Chocolates
Recipe from Chocolates and Confections by Peter Greweling

Notes: With some leftover pink-tinted white chocolate I still had left, I thought using it in the filling of this recipe would be perfect. The filling included strawberry jam, white chocolate and butter. At the last second, I forgot to put in the balsamic vinegar called for in the original recipe, so these turned into plain strawberry chocolates. Using half the recipe, I filled a 9×8" frame placed over a Silpat. It didn't set in 20 minutes, but took several hours instead. Cutting it into squares was not a problem, but the pieces were a little thin. Next time, I would use a slightly smaller frame.

Tempering the dark chocolate seemed to go problem-free, but the dipped chocolates revealed some problems. I'm still getting streaks and crystallization, so I need to re-learn everything about tempering and control more of the variables. For a decoration, I cut triangles of a transfer sheet to apply to the tops, and also sprinkled on some pulverized, dehydrated strawberries. This was an exciting find from T&T.

While they were visually appealing, the chocolates weren't all that tasty for me. The ratio of coating to filling was too low and I think they could be improved by making a thicker centre.

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