Challah (5-strand)

Challah, 5-strand high
Challah, 5-strand high
Recipe from Jewish Home Cooking by Arthur Schwartz via Leite's Culinaria

Notes: While in Florida, I got a chance to make a loaf of challah to enjoy on the weekend. On Friday morning, I made the dough with the only modification being a reduction in the sugar to accommodate some diabetics. I did the first rise at room temperature. After punching down, I put the dough in the fridge. Just before going out for dinner, I pulled up a document on braiding techniques and followed the guide to make a 5-strand high braid. Back into the fridge it went while we went for dinner. A few hours later, I applied an egg wash and baked the bread.

This loaf wasn't my best: I didn't like the asymmetric look of five strands and the flavour was a bit bland (i.e. not sweet). For a pareve challah, it's not bad.

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