Meyer Lemon Chiffon Cake

Meyer Lemon Chiffon Cake
Recipe by Caitlin Williams Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee via the New York Times

Notes: I've never had fresh yuzu before. Every so often, the zest will show up as a garnish in a cup of chawan mushi or atop a bowl of chirashi in a restaurant, but I've never thought to ask where the chefs got it from. This recipe comes from an independent coffee chain in the States, one which I've actually been to this past summer. On our visit to New York, we stayed with friends in Brooklyn and they took us to the Berry St. outlet where I recall having a very black, bitter and unusual tasting coffee.

Anyway, I followed the suggestion in the recipe to use Meyer lemons as a substitute for the elusive yuzu. I pretty much followed the recipe verbatim, except I greased and floured the pan so it would be easy to ummold, especially from the bottom. It shrunk quite a bit after cooling and it wasn't a problem to invert and slice.

The cake has a cool mouth-feel and a distinct, lemony taste. I found it to be a little too springy and have too much "bite". That could be the result of overmixing or overbeating the whites.

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