Archive of posts from May 2011

    Cranberry Flax Muffins


    This healthy-sounding recipe looked good to me, high in fibre and low in sugar and fat. We’ve had a package of flax seeds in the freezer forever, and we always have dried fruit in our cupboards so I was all set. This is my first baking project since our son was born, and it di...

    Mango Pudding


    With mangoes going for $10 a case or less, we’ve been excitedly buying and eating them. I wanted to make a dessert featuring mangoes but in this case, I was not impressed by this recipe at all. The first problem is that cooking the fruit did not seem to enhance it in any way. ...



    A friend who visited Spain first told me about alfajores. A cookie with a dulce de leche filling sounded scrumptious. During the winter, we happened to walk by El Almacen before seeing a play at The Great Hall. Spotting a sign advertising alfajor, I added one to our lunch orde...