Archive of posts from June 2011

    Alfajores, v2


    With the disappointing failure of the previous batch, I finally assembled all the ingredients for the recipe I wanted to try in the first place. In the version found on the Leite’s Culinaria website, the cookie has cream cheese and cornstarch. The latter is often found in shor...

    Vanilla Ice Cream


    During a recent Costco shopping trip, I picked up some vanilla beans from a company called Rodelle. Apparently, Costco’s been carrying this item for a few years now. My previous batch, purchased from an online retailer in bulk, had almost turned into twigs in the fridge. I too...

    Quinoa Pancakes


    Continuing with our quinoa experimentation, I tried using it in a pancake this morning. After cooking and cooling a batch of quinoa, the rest of this pancake recipe came together quickly. I used cake flour instead of all-purpose so the pancakes would be more tender, and adding...