Archive of posts from November 2011

    Olive Oil Pumpkin Bread


    After roasting a butternut squash and almost forgetting in our fridge, I decided to try out this loaf (substituting for pumpkin) from a recent issue of Fine Cooking. Using olive oil in baked quick breads is nothing to me, but I didn’t have any non-EVOO so I used sunflower seed...

    Ginger-Pear Muffins


    A bunch of ripe, Bosc pears suggested another baking project, and I settled on this recipe in Mollie Katzen’s breakfast recipes book. As with most muffin recipes, these were really easy to put together. I may have overmixed these a bit, or used too much pear, as they came out ...

    Apple Yogurt Cake with a Cinnamon-Sugar Streak


    So, we’re back from our trip, and back to baking! Last week, my mother-in-law flew in before we landed, stocked our fridge and helped us to take care of Gabe while we adjusted to the time change. This week, we were still eating things out of the fridge, so I went looking for a...