Recipe from The Secrets of Baking by Sherry Yard

Notes: Since everyone enjoyed the donuts from last week, I decided to deep-fry again! I filtered the reserved frying oil through cheesecloth, and kept it frozen. Surprisingly, the combination of sunflower and canols oils actually solidified in the jar.

This recipe is interesting because it uses evaporated milk in the dough. After cutting the rolled dough into small squares, I plopped teaspoons of cherry or blueberry jam on alternate squares, then made little ravioli-style packets. It was difficult to seal them as the dough was sticky and the wet jam was slippery.

As they fried, many of the fritters leaked their contents, producing slowly darkening bits of burnt sugar and jam bits. The next time I make doughnuts, I'm definitely going to fill them afterwards with a piping bag. Nevertheless, these doughnuts were pretty good. I don't think evaporated milk enhanced the flavour of these, so I wouldn't necessarily make this recipe again.

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