White Coffee Pots de Creme


White Coffee Pots de Creme
Recipe from In The Sweet Kitchen by Regan Daley

Notes: We are now in possession of a 5 pound (yes, five pound) bag of Intelligentsia Black Cat coffee beans. While Dr. S and I are not serious coffee drinkers, we enjoy it enough that we buy good beans and grind them just before use. Of course, roasting them just before use would be even better, but we're not that serious. Anyway, the shopkeeper told us to portion out a week's worth into plastic bags and freeze individually.

In an attempt to use up our beans, I decided on this easy pudding. It's called "white" because the cream is infused with the whole bean, not from grounds. A little mocha colour can be achieved by adjusting the amount of white or brown sugar that is used. We really enjoyed this dessert, with its deep coffee flavour, and velvety, wet texture.

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