Archive of posts from January 2012

    Irish Cream Cheesecake


    We hosted a dinner at our house to celebrate Lunar New Year. I wasn’t planning on a dessert but a friend of ours who was spending a few days at our place was also celebrating her birthday. What’s more festive than a cheesecake made with Baileys? I knew I wanted a recipe that h...

    Dried Apple, Ginger and Amaretto Fruitcake


    This is a great issue of the LCBO magazine that I’ve hung on to for over a decade. It features three very different fruitcakes, all made without candied, glace fruit. As a thank you gift for friends who house- and cat-sit for us, I offered to make them the dried apple, ginger ...

    Fine Cooking’s Challah


    I made challah using this Fine Cooking recipe twice while I was in Florida. The first time, I made a double batch: a plain six-strand loaf, and the second, a simple braid with fresh pears. To make the latter, I diced a fresh pear and then blotted the cubes dry with paper towel...