Squaw Bread

Squaw BreadSquaw Bread
Recipe from Baking Bread: Old and New Traditions by Beth Hensperger

Notes: My eyes keep landing on this recipe every time I flip through this book, whose pages are now falling out of the softcover edition I have. But rye flour is not something I usually stock, but a recent trip to (the now closed) Sun Valley on the Danforth somehow prompted me to pick up a small package from Bob's Red Mill. The use of raisins, softened in water, then pureed, is described as contributing a unique flavour. None of my tasters could really detect much of a raisin flavour (except Dr. S, who is prejudiced against dried grapes) but they all enjoyed the bread's nice chew and crust. It's one of the better enriched, whole-grain breads I've made. One thing to try next time is to make three medium-sized loaves rather than four small ones.

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