Almond Biscotti

Almond and Pistachio BiscottiAlmond and Pistachio Biscotti
Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, Nov/Dec 2012

Notes: In classic CI tradition, this recipe for biscotti is unlike any other I've made before, but it produces close to a perfect biscotti: crunchy but not too hard, crumbly but not too buttery. If I were to summarize the key takeaways from this recipe, they would be:
  1. Whip eggs to aerate dough and keep it light
  2. Add ground nuts for flavour and to prevent cookie from being too hard
  3. Increase quantity of flavourings to compensate for the extended baking time
I made a version with almonds and one with pistachios, without any additional spices. Both were delicious and kept quite well for a few weeks.

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