Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes (revisited)

Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, May 2010

Notes: While technically a repeat, I wanted to include the photos and a few notes about this cupcake recipe again, as I made these cupcakes this week to celebrate my son's birthday on two separate occasions.

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache FillingI don't recall making the ganache filling three years ago, but decided to for the first batch. I misread the instructions and microwaved the ganache mixture WAY too long. Instead of 30 seconds, I left it in for 90 or so before I realized my mistake. The mixture had separated and it took some more cold, heavy cream, and short blasts in the freezer to get it back into ganache territory. I subbed hot water instead of hot coffee due to concerns of caffeine affecting kids. We baked the cupcakes a day before, then wrapped and stored at room temperature overnight. I didn't have a thermometer to cook the egg whites and sugar, but it turned out okay. We made the frosting the night before too, taking it out of the fridge a few hours before we needed to frost them. And how were they? VERY chocolatey. I think we were a bit stingy on the ganache centre, as I couldn't taste it in the cupcake I had, but several other party-goers mentioned definitely tasting it. This is a winning recipe, even if it's time-consuming.


IMG_5463For the second batch at the second party, I omitted the ganache filling as we used mini-cupcake tins. From the single batch of the cupcake batter, we got 30 mini cupcakes. We only needed to bake them for 13 minutes before they were done. Instead of using the given icing, we just made a double batch of ganache frosting from another cake we were making. Sadly, even though the outside temperature was 15°C, the sun contributed to melting the frosting off of the cupcakes, so Dr. S' careful piping work was lost. Next time, I'll be sure to chill the frosted cupcakes thoroughly, and not just let them sit at room temperature.

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