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    Triple Ginger Ice Cream


    Just before we left for our mini-vacation and trip to Montreal, I made a batch of ice cream, following this Cook’s Illustrated recipe. Let’s just say, it is very, VERY, VERY gingery. Too much, even for me. I want a bold flavour, but this was just too much. I would greatly redu...

    Fresh Peach Pie


    In the pursuit of the “perfect” recipe, CI will often go to great lengths to achieve their desired result. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes, it’s not. For this fruit pie, I would have to say that it’s not worth it. Here are the major steps:Make special pie dough (not the foo...

    Summer Fruit Jams


    We’ve been buying a lot of fruit from the Leslieville Farmers’ Market on Sundays, mostly from Bizjak Farms and the vendor selling blueberries. Much of it has been turned into peach crumble or a peach cake (which we froze), but on one evening last week, we decided to make two b...