Compost Cookies

Compost Cookies
Recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar

Notes: On my way home from a restaurant last night, I realized I could pass by the Toronto Momofuku and pick up some corn powder, useful for making, among other things, corn cookies. That got me thinking about compost cookies, so I also dropped by a 7-11 on the way home to pick up some snack food, the key ingredients in this wacky cookie.

As this cookie has been described all over the Interweb already (look it up yourself: ), I'll just describe my mixins:
  • Vector crust (instead of graham crust), made by blitzing the cereal in a food processor. I also substituted 2% milk for the cream
  • corn syrup, instead of glucose (my container of glucose was too old, and hardened into an extremely viscous, but not quite solid, consistency)
  • mini chocolate chips (replacing the same amount of butterscotch called for in this recipe)
  • rolled oats
  • ground coffee (Intelligentsia Decaf Black Cat Espresso)
  • Mrs. Vickie's Original Potato Chips
  • Rold Gold Thins Pretzels

I cut back on the sugar by about one-third, since the Vector is sweetened, and Tosi tends to be quite liberal with sugar (and salt and fat). The best part of making this cookie is the sound of the dough after you mix in the chips and pretzels: it crackles and crunches! From my #20 ice cream scoop, I got two dozen cookies, and squeezed them onto two half-sheet pans.

Although I baked these after an overnight refrigeration, at 370°F convection, they came out a little too brown and crispy. Knowing all the snacks that went into them had me trying to discern all the different components. The cookie is rich and plenty sweet with the reduced sugars, but I would increase the coffee powder in the future, and will definitely experiment with more mixins, perhaps corn-based, like tortilla chips or toasted corn kernels.

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