Cookie, apricot filling and sour cherry filling recipes from The Washington Post

Notes: Last week, we started by making the hamantaschen fillings. For the apricot one, we used a mix of unsulphured and sulphured dried apricots. You can use the latter if you don't want a dark colour. Instead of orange juice, we substituted water to cut down on the sugar, as well as reducing the granulated sugar also. Since the cookie itself is a sweet and rich, I wanted a nice contrasting tart flavour in the fillings. For the other filling, we followed the sour cherry recipe but substituted dried Elephant heart plums for the raisins.

Each batch of filling is enough for three or four batches of the cookie dough recipe. So we baked a lot of cookies over the last week. All the water in the cream cheese and butter results in a pastry that puffs up in the oven, so be sure to roll thinly and pinch firmly. Because it's so rich, a smaller cookie cutter made a more manageable serving.

Please enjoy a video we put together:

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