Shortcakes with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Shortcakes with Strawberries and Whipped Cream
Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, May 1997

Notes: A shortcake is really just a cream biscuit. More historical information can be found in this Wikipedia article, which also notes that June 14th is Strawberry Shortcake Day!

Anyone can make this recipe, it's easy enough to do on a weeknight after dinner. I started by cutting and macerating the berries, then moved onto the shortcake dough. The bits of grated butter were small enough that the pastry cutter didn't really do much. I used a mix of heavy cream and milk as a substitute for half-and-half. There seems to be an extra ingredient, the 1 tbsp of half-and-half. Perhaps it's meant to be mixed into the egg white to make a wash for the biscuits?

Once baked, assembly is a snap: split the shortcakes in half, spoon a generous amount of juicy berries and whipped cream over top, then top with the other biscuit. Let it rest for a few minutes so the juices soften the bottom cake. A perfect summer dessert1

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