Archive of posts from March 2016

    Pear-Walnut Upside-Down Cake


    The idea of using ground walnuts, as well as caramelizing pears in an upside-down cake were instant draws for me when I saw this recipe in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Cook’s Illustrated. Unfortunately, the cake was a letdown.

    Old-Fashioned Lemon Bundt Cake


    Sometimes life hands you lemons, and sometimes you just forget you already had some, and you buy some more. That was the motivation behind this week’s lemon cake.

    Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins


    This line got my attention: “sweet but not sugary, packed with whole grains but not dense, and reasonably rich in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats”. It’s from a recent article in the NY Times about a healthy muffin recipe. I gave it a try and was pleased ...