Crisp Buttermilk Granola

Browsing through my Twitter food list, the first post to pop up was a crispy granola recipe. That was enough to catch my eye, but opening the article hooked me even further: soaking the rolled oats in buttermilk!

The recipe is by Stella Parks and it’s a keeper. The granola did indeed turn out very crispy and very addictive.

Crispy Buttermilk Granola

For my batch, I followed her instructions pretty closely, swapping dried mangoes for apricots, sunflower seeds for pumpkin, and omitting the dried blueberries because I didn’t have any. Obviously, you can use whatever you like, but life is too short to eat mediocre granola, so for the first batch, I like to stick with someone else’s formula.

Crispy Buttermilk Granola (on a smoothie bowl)

This granola was delicious just on its own, with a glass of milk, or atop the smoothie bowl we make pretty frequently for breakfast. I’m still tinkering with that recipe (and haven’t gotten up the nerve to ask the restaurant for theirs).

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