Archive of posts from February 2020

    Milk-Chocolate Soufflé


    Not just a restaurant dessert, a souffle can be a weeknight dessert, one that’s full of protein. Or so I told my kids.

    Classic Banana Bread


    I count at least ten different banana breads on this blog. You’d think that in over 30 years of baking, there wouldn’t be that many surprises in this department. But the baker known as BraveTart surprised me with her “classic” banana bread.

    Five Spice Praline Chocolates


    While browsing one of my favourite baking supply stores in the city, I came across their selection of coloured cocoa butters from the Canadian company, Roxy & Rich. Despite my aversion to artificial colourings, I couldn’t resist picking some up for a molded chocolate proje...

    Stamped Citrus Shortbread


    Back in December, after marvelling at the stunning spread of cookies in the twice-folded insert of the New York Times, the one that I most wanted to make was the stamped citrus shortbread. Only one problem: I hadn’t even heard of cookie stamps before.