The Best Strawberry Ice Cream

My go-to strawberry ice cream is really good: it’s made with a classic custard base, with lots of strawberry flavour. But it’s a pain to make (even though I make it every year when we have good berries). After trying what Serious Eats calls “The Best” version of strawberry ice cream, I’m pleased to report that their eggless, no-cook version is 90% as good, but with way less effort.

This recipe uses a “Philadelphia”-style base, one that doesn’t use any egg yolks for richness. And without any heating (to cook the yolks, or to break down the strawberries), it leaves your kitchen much cooler, and makes the ice cream taste brighter.

Strawberry Ice Cream

I stuck with the recipe pretty closely, but did use a mix of heavy cream and 2% milk (around 1 part cream, 2 parts milk) in place of the confusingly named half-and-half. The resulting ice cream was incredibly fragrant, with a noticably bright strawberry flavour. I highly recommend this recipe. It didn’t have a rich mouthfeel, but I don’t think I miss it too much. It’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make, to avoid having to figure out what to do with leftover egg whites.

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