Archive of posts from February 2023

    Rice Cracker and Chocolate Shortbread


    In keeping with the Asian theme of the cookies I was bringing to the office, the final day saw another unusual combination: toasted, savoury rice crackers as a mix-in to shortbread.

    Gochujang Caramel Cookies


    When I used to go into an office, I’d bring in desserts for people to sample. At my first job, there was even a mailing list of dedicated eaters who would always come to sample and give feedback. This past week, for a rare in-person event at work, I made three kinds of cookies...

    Chocolate-Hazelnut Macau-Style Cookies


    I bought Mooncakes and Milk Bread by Kristina Cho last Mother’s Day: one copy for my Mom, and a copy for myself. But I haven’t tried to make any of the recipes until recently. This crumbly cookie was a great intro to the author’s fresh interpretations of classic Chinese bakery...