Archive of posts from May 2023

    Peanut Ice Cream


    At the library, I saw a familiar name on the cover of an interesting graphic novel slash cookbook: Dirt Candy. It’s a 15-year old restaurant that serves inventive vegetarian food. The book was published 10 years ago, and reveals the struggle and reality of operating a restaura...

    Milk Bread (Kristina Cho)


    Sometimes, our breakfasts are more involved, like blueberry scones made from scratch. Other times, it’s pouring milk into a bowl of cereal. One of our most frequent morning meals is toast: spread with nut butter or marmalade, or covered with mashed avocado and an eye-popping a...

    Cream Cheese Ice Cream With Gooey Butter Cake and Candied Lemon


    At the library, I spied a title on ice cream that had beautiful photos, overlaid with watercolour paintings and line drawings, a very unique look. On top of that, the content was science-heavy: ingredient weights and percentages, and deep dives into the chemistry of flavors an...