Blue Ribbon Chocolate Ice Cream

My daughter asked me about the concept of bartering recently. I realized that that’s exactly how to explain an exchange our next door neighbour and I have organically developed. He likes to use his Whipper Snipper and occasionally trims our tiny front lawn. As a thank you, we bring his family a quart of homemade ice cream.

Last year, we brought them strawberry ice cream. But this time, I wanted to continue trying out recipes from Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream (which I’ve renewed twice now from the library). The recipe 1 I chose was an eggless (a.k.a. Philadelphia-style) chocolate ice cream.

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Ice Cream

For extra chocolatiness, both cocoa powder and dark chocolate is used. I’ve been really pleased with this high-fat Bensdorp cocoa powder (from Creeds) and Callebaut 70-30-38 dark chocolate (from Costco). All of the recipes in her book provide options for the “texture agent”. I used what I had: tapioca starch.

Boy, did this ice cream deliver flavour in a big way. It tastes rich despite not having any egg yolks. Maybe it’s the mix of cream, milk, and milk powder, maybe it’s the two forms of chocolate. But this is a really, really good chocolate ice cream. Highly recommended.

  1. The linked version of the recipe has a serious typo: there should be a total of ¼ cup glucose. 

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