Wholly Moles

I was unnaturally excited about a cookie made with garlic powder, cocoa nibs, and currants. But everyone else? Not so much.

According to the authors of Fabulous Modern Cookies, these little chocolatey bites are meant to evoke a Mexican mole sauce. The blend of spices called for includes garam masala, as a shortcut to incorporating some of the spices common to both Mexican and Indian dishes.

The texture of these cookies is quite soft and crumbly. And the add-ins (black sesame seeds, cocoa nibs, currants) left you needing to rinse your mouth out.

But it was the taste that was extremely polarizing. Some people (ahem, my family) took one bit and went “Blech!”, while others (bless you Paige and Neil) loved it. I sampled and served these over a week. But in the end, overwhelmed by the teasing and scrunched up faces, I gave in and tossed the last few into the compost bin.

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