Mango Chutney Thumbprints

This cookie called for “Major Grey” chutney, which I had never heard of before. Wikipedia says it usually has raisins, but none of the ones I found included it. To avoid over-stocking on this condiment, I stopped shopping at three jars.

The recipe is from Fabulous Modern Cookies and I’ve had my eye on it since I got the book. Curry powder is used in the dough, and it’s rolled in finely chopped cashews, how good does that sound? I quickly weighed each portion (12 grams!) to ensure the cookies were evenly sized. The gently curved end of a bamboo spatula was the perfect tool to re-form the thumbprints after the cookies were partially baked.

So what chutney did I use? I opened a jar of Brooklyn Delhi’s Mango Chutney Major Grey’s Style, and rejected it for being too runny. Next, was Patak’s: they sell three chutneys but Fiesta Farms did not have the Major Grey one, so I settled for their sweet version. It was thicker, and had bits of fruit in it. Lastly, the Sharwoods jar will have to wait for a different project.

Mango Chutney Thumbprints

This recipe makes a lot of cookies, something like four dozen. Each are two bites, and the flavour is complex and very satisfying. Even Dr. S, who recoils whenever I stray too far in the savoury direction, gave them a nod.

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