Free Range Fruitcake

Free Range Fruitcake
Recipe from Alton Brown via Food Network
Notes: Grr, I made this cake twice this week. The first time, I forgot the eggs (!!!) and baked it in a 9" loaf pan. Of course, it didn't turn out but I learned a few things: there is too much salt in the recipe, and it really does need a 10" pan.

The second time around, I made a 1.5× batch with the following changes: substituted some of the rum with Grand Marnier and Frangelico; used more pecans; reduced the amount of salt; baked in two 9" loaf pans; increased baking time to 90 minutes. The quantity was just right for two loaves, but the cake is a bit of a letdown. While the fresh ground spices and the dried fruit are tasty, the cake is too moist and spongy. If I made it again, I would reduce the leaveners somewhat, and bake it at a slightly higher temperature so the interior is set before the edges get too dry.

Update: taster comments have been good so I'm baking and selling this one. Contact me for details.

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