Cookies 10: Chocolate and Caramel

Chocolatey Chocolate Chip CookiesA hot classroom awaited us for the final installment of this cookie course. We started with the chocolate cookies, a regular chocolate chip cookie dough loaded with white chocolate chips, chocolate chunks and pecans. Chef told us to reduce the sugar in the recipe by almost half. Using a large scoop, we formed large balls of dough on the sheets. I jumped the gun and tried to box my cookies soon after they came out of the oven, so they were still soft and ended up breaking into small pieces. The name certainly describes these cookies, as they were chocolatey, but even with the reduced sugar, I found them a bit sweet. After sitting at room temperature for a few days, they were still quite soft. I'm going to save all the crumbled cookies to make cookies and cream ice cream!

Chocolate Caramel Pecan CookiesOur next cookie used a similar dough with one difference being the use of pastry flour. I greased my knife to cut the Kraft caramels into quarters, which we pressed into the tops of the raw dough. The morsels melted into a puddle but hardened during cooling into a chewy blob.

This was the last class, and as I look back over the past ten weeks, there were only a few cookies that I thought were fantastic. There weren't any new techniques that I learned (except that I should have bought a cookie scoop a long time ago) nor any recipes that I am dying to make again. Not much is offered during the summer at George Brown, so I'll wait until the autumn before enrolling in another class.

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