Pear Crisps

Triple-Ginger Pear Crisp
Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, September & October 2007
Notes: I made two delicious batches of pear crisp this week, one with Oat Topping and the Triple-Ginger variation as well. Due to some extenuating circumstances, I didn't have any almonds or pecans as called for, but made the topping with cashews which made it quite rich, although not as crunchy I suspect. Choosing pears at their optimal ripeness is difficult, especially with several 3L baskets, so you should adjust the amount of cornstarch if they are too ripe. I also found that small pears were more troublesome to peel and core. For the ginger variation's topping, instead of crystallized ginger, I used some candied ginger purée which made it a bit gummy. All in all, I think pear crisps are even tastier than apple crisps and these recipes were definitely ones I'd make again. Eat quickly though, as the crisp starts to absorb the liquid from the pears, making it gummy after a day or so.

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